“A technological advancement that is specially designed and engineered for commercial crops in subtropical dry and water shortage environment”

Greenfeed Shelf Life ExtenderTECH enables the decontamination of fresh fruits and vegetables – preventing discoloration, browning, and softening of the texture. The result: longer shelf life, less waste, happier consumers and greater profitability for our farmers. 

From our years of research and findings, Calcium Chloride is used to reduce chilling injuries, suppress senescence, enhance the storage and marketable life of fruits by maintaining their firmness and quality. 

Calcium application also delays aging or ripening, reduces postharvest decay, reduces the incidence of physiological disorders and increases tissue firmness and reduces the susceptibility to physiological disorders and reduces the risk of salt-related injuries in some fruits. The pre-harvest application of Calcium extends the storage life of fruits by minimum of 5% durability with excellent colour and quality produce.