With the effort of continue pushing forward the envelop on fertilizer technology, Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer now comes with the Advance Antibacterial Technology, this product highlights on preventing soil-borne diseases transferring from plants to animal or human.

This technology helps to eliminate if not reduce total number of harmful microorganisms in soil being transfer directly or event indirectly into food source eventually, while continue fostering with favourable environment for plants growth and nutrient uptake for a sustainable recommended period. In short Antibacterial Tech works as a first line of defence for the plant.

在肥料技术日益推进,大力丸®缓释复合肥增添了一项新技术——抗菌技术。 这个产品技术的主要功能是预防土壤病害从植物到动物或人类的传播。 这项技术有助于减少土壤中直接或间接转移到食物来源的有害微生物,同时可长期性的提供植物一个良好养分吸收的生长环境。简言之,抗菌技术是植物抗病害的第一道防线。

Introducing Greenfeed® with H2O Retainer Technology.

Greenfeed® with H2O Retainer Technology is the ultimate solution to combat climate challenges and support plant growth. Our formula combines a variety of Activated Zeolites, which enhance water retention and prevent nutrient leaching. This ensures a consistent moisture supply during dry periods and improves irrigation in the root zone.

Greenfeed® with Integrated H2O Retainer Technology optimizes nutrient uptake, protects against water stress, and cultivates healthier crops. Embrace H2O Retainer Technology and enhance your plants’ resilience in the face of changing climates.

介绍大力丸® 保水技术。
大力丸® 保水技术是应对气候挑战、维持作物生长的终极解决方案。我们的配方结合了多种活性沸石,增强了保水能力,防止养分流失。这确保了干旱期间持续的水分供应,并改善了根系区的灌溉。