"We love everyone to enjoy the moment that technology helps make possible, Greenfeed is designed to serve farmers with impairments"


Greenfeed Group of Companies was incorporated in 1975 with forefront companies located in various countries such as China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Iran and in the Pacific Region. The company specializes in Slow Release Fertilizer with a client base of over 28 countries worldwide. Venturing within the agricultural sector, sourcing and supplying selected agriculture commodities within established global markets; apart from attaining various international prestigious awards throughout the years.


Through Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer, the company nurtures technological incorporation within agricultural practice in the fertilizer sector; in relinquishing a much more efficient modern agro-economy practice. This copes with the ever-changing demand and requirement that is in parallel with the ever-changing global scenario. Greenfeed Group of Companies are active in engaging researches and studies in accordance to specified area, experiencing various types of climate constraint to fulfil precise agronomy necessities.

The company envisions a highly efficient agronomy practice that is in line with global environmental sustainability resulting in consistent profitable commercial engagement within the agricultural sector. This is part of the company’s mission to lead the Slow Release Fertilizer industry in the world.

Pioneer in fertilizer industry since 1975, filled with 45 trained and experienced personnel.

Product currently available
in 28 countries.

Awarded the CAC Recommended Supplier for 2020 and China Overseas Market Expansion Award.

Listed on of the Top Slow Release Manufacturer for Asia Pacific regional by Transparency Market Research (Canada).

Laboratory and Technical support.

AITIGA Member / 0% Tax for
all Asian Countries.

Accredited with ISO MS 17025: 2017

More than 15 local and international patent and patent pending; Intellectual Property.

More than 100 published research finding and 500 research sites through Asia Pacific.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide any farmer within high efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizer products to increase crop yield while maintaining the ecological balance

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading Manufacture of slow-release fertilizers (SRF) and Services Provider for the agricultural industry in the world..

Certification & Recognition

    • Ministry of International Trade and Industry
    • Pioneer Status for Manufacturing
    • Slow Release Fertilizer
    • Intellectual Property Corporation Malaysia
    • Industry Design No.: MY07-00700-0101
    • PI 20044120 / PI 20061653
    • PI 20061654 / PI 20061655
    • PI 2011005234 / PI2011005235
    • Malaysia External Trade
    • Development Corporation
    • Member registration No. 34463
    • Malaysia Investment Development Authority
    • Manufacturing License : A015437
    • National Intellectual Property
    • Administration (PRC)
    • 专利号 : ZL201730566718.1
    • Accredited Laboratory
    • MS ISO / IEC
    • Testing, SAMM No.: 694
    • Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
    • PCT / SG2006/000106
    • KR / 10*2008-7029052
    • INDO / W00200803828
    • Ministry of Commerce
    • Department of Intellectual
    • Property Rights, Myanmar
    • Registration No.: KH/52633/14
    • National Office of Intellectual
    • Property of Vietnam
    • Registration No.: 226991
    • Agriculture and Food Industry
    • Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan
    • 肥料登記證字號
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    • The Ministry of Trade of the
    • Republic of Indonesia
    • Pusat Pengawasan Mutu Barang
    • NPB.: 107-124-180762
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    • SPPT SNI : 017/LSPro-Mdn/SNI/IV/2018
    • Korean Intellectual Property Office
    • Patent Registration Number
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