GREENFEED is design for

pH Balancer

Soil pH level is crucial in determining the nutrient uptake by the plant. Generally soil pH within the range of pH 5.5 to pH 6.5 is the best for plant nutrient uptake, too high or too low pH level will inhibit certain nutrient uptake by the plant even though the nutrients are present abundant in the soil. Therefore maintaining the soil pH at the right level is one of the key factors for successful farming. Greenfeed Fertilizer contains zeolite, a naturally occurring mineral that has excellent characteristics of water and nutrient holding capacity. Zeolite is proven to improve pH level, while the slight-alkaline nature of Greenfeed Fertilizer that derived from the liming material contained within have the ability to optimize the soil pH around the applied area.

Nutrient Optimizer
Greenfeed Fertilizer has the mechanism that plays a definitive role to the nutrient release and availability for plant’s absorption. The altered Zeolite included within Greenfeed Fertilizer’s formulation provides the lasting nutrient reservoirs through the adhesive characteristic that Zeolite has, resulting in a longer period of nutrient availability for the plant’s uptake. The nutrient release is carried out according to the ionic gradient difference between the fertilizer and the soil. This will ensure that the nutrient released is being carried out synergistically to the soil environment surrounding the fertilizer, which is relatively affected by the root’s absorption rate. Such a process promotes the efficient nutrient release into the soil and based on the plant demand.
Soil Enhancer
Greenfeed Fertilizer have soil corrective properties that further enhance the nutrient release into the soil creating a more conducive and favorable environment for the plants’ growth. Zeolite is known for its high ion-exchange capacity and water retention capacity and has been used widely as amendments for problematic soil. The addition of zeolite into the soil will result in a significant improvement in the soil’s nutrient retention capacity. In other words, the Zeolite composition included within each Greenfeed Fertilizer nugget will behave as the soil conditioning agent, creating a favorable environment for both the fertilizer nugget and the plant roots. Such conditioning features will improve the soil physical and chemical properties allowing better nutrient supply to the roots and also promoting nutrient retaining for a significant period of time.
H2O Retainer

Greenfeed Fertilizer has the ability to retain moisture through the integrated zeolite inside it which can be used in soil amendment. Zeolites can hold up to 60% of their weight in water due to the high porosity of their crystalline structure and acts as a permanent water reservoir. Results from field studies indicated that soil moisture could be increased by at least 0.4%-1.8% under drought conditions and up to 5%-8% in general water conditions which proved the ability of zeolite in soil amendments for crop production improvement. Therefore, Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer can adequately prolonged moisture in the soils especially in dry periods while promoting rapid re-wetting.