The company is committed to rigorous industrial research in order to stay competitive within the global agricultural industry. Combined with MS ISO/IEC 14025 Testing No. 694 accredited laboratory through Greenlab Agricultural Services and 100 acres Research & Development Plantation Facility; Greenfeed Group of Companies are committed to ensure performance monitoring, product quality improvements, significant cost reduction, best technical care consultation through after-sales support, and improving eco-agronomy efficiency are conveyed to respective clients in line with safeguarding of the environment.

The company offers an entire suite of analytical testing and is dedicated towards providing accurate, unbiased analysis of each current product. Each entity represents a wide array of scientific disciplines, including Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Agronomy, Plant Pathology, Microbiology, and Mechanical Engineering. The company is also in collaboration with a number of prestigious Academic Institutions locally and globally in order to consistently deliver precise innovation that will benefit specific market and demand. Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer products are tailored based on exacting scientific research. Many of the products produced were the result of cumulative research and innovation carried out over the years. Extensive investment has been channelled into comprehensive researches in product technologies and raw materials before being introduced to the market. To date, more than 200 findings have been documented in order to define respective product performances under practical conditions. This is to ensure that the company will capitalize on existing innovations necessary to attain the technical advantage over other contenders as to prosper in the competitive business environment.

  • Agronomy Service
    “Growers are advised to perform soil and plant tissue analysis, looking at nutrients requirement, its convenience, application method,availability, nutrient efficiency when making on selection type […]
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  • Laboratory Service
    Engaging scientists in laboratory sustainability to reduce nutrient waste! Laboratory At Green Lab, our mission is to build a culture of sustainability through science. Our […]
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  • Training Services
    Engaging Training Services We provide a wide range of training services from seeding till harvesting. Quality workshops, seminars and webinars are some examples of training […]
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  • Custom Blend
    CUSTOM BLEND Custom Blends allow fertilizers to be tailored according to individual farm needs. Through custom blending, several nutrients can be applied in single application […]
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