This core technology about Greenfeed SlowRelease Fertilizer integrated wit Activated PCT , and also involve three technique , Pelletised, Coating and Encapsulation. The nutrient ions will be released and mobilised based on the soil ionic gradient. This specially design mechanism ensures application per 2 – 3 month which will be labour saving. In our practical experience, the application on fruit trees merely two time per year and each time the average quantity is less than 1 kg. Performance on fertilizer had achieved significant result in terms of yield and performance.


  • Enhances soil CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) and water retention ability
  • Enhances soil ions mobilization up to 10 – 25 %
  • Reduces the conversion of ammoniacal nitrogen into nitrate nitrogen. Reduce nitrates accumulation in underground water.
  • Increase phosphate and potassium utility.
  • Reforms soil particle into micro-granular form.
  • Release especially fixed calcium and phosphate ion in the soil.

Longevity of the product is regulated by special Activated PCT. The improvement of Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) effect of this formulated fertilizer guarantees their utility rate and cost saving on fertilizer and labour, while creating ecological benefits to plant and soil.



Specially processed nugget form 16.5 – 18.5 nugget guaranteed its release period up to 6 month.