"Growers are advised to perform soil and plant tissue analysis, looking at nutrients requirement, its convenience, application method,availability, nutrient efficiency when making on selection type of fertilizer"


Our Technical Research & Development (TRD) facility is staffed by Malaysia’s leading crop, soils, environmental, agronomist scientist and researchers. The key objective and effort of our agronomy service is to ensure our product performance is delivered and clients’ satisfaction has been upheld beside considering all narratives like soil, plant, tissues, climate and management practices.

Within our agronomy service, activities classified were:

Our team of researchers is equipped with state of the art on-field and off-field instruments. Many of these scientific instruments are working alongside world leading scientific instruments manufacturers.

The parameters for the report to be conducted are divided into three parts, which is vegetative growth parameters, yield productivity parameters and soil fertility parameters shall be measured within our agronomy report.

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Physiological Analysis
  • Measure plant’s photosynthesis rate
  • Measure plant’s canopy opening and vegetative growth
  • Measure leaf chlorophyll content/greenness index of leaf
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Soil Analysis
  • Measure nutrient concentration of soil/determine fertilizer placement area
  • Measure soil acidity level
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Sample Analysis (Foliar Analysis)

The leaf samples taken will be prepared for external foliar analysis by:

  • Cutting the mid-section of pinnae at about 15 cm long
  • The cutting will be done in the centre part of the pinnae (tip and base are excluded)
  • The samples are then dried up to prevent nutrient loss (suitable form for analysis)
Agronomic Report
After the site visit and data collection is conducted, a technical report will issue a technical report to the customer. Within this report there are analysis results obtained and informative recommendation from our technical personnel. This report provides complete information regarding their plantation status and can assist customer to make the best decision for the plantation.