“Low Input Sustainable Agriculture (LISA) has been practiced for crop production since the late 1980s. I am sure that many farmers and agriculturist have heard about precision framing; however, the word of “sustainability” is not been widely acknowledged. In many aspect food productions has changed from just being a self-sufficient up to an organised economic focused of making profits. In the process, environmental issues such and as greenhouse gaseous of methane, leachate of nitrate into stream and rivers are some examples in the degradation of agricultural lands. In additions, excessive use of pesticides has elevated the destruction of agriculture products making the produces no longer safe to be consumed.

Since conservation of environment has been one of the major concerns especially in soil fertility, the use of excessive fertiliser must be stopped. The use of a friendlier approach like the highly efficient slow release fertiliser is a must to preserve the soil without jeopardising further on the environment. Researchers and farmers nowadays are looking for a more environmentally friendly approach and the key word of sustainability is becoming popular. In LISA, the principle approach is to have a minimum usage of inputs such as pesticides and fertilisers for an optimum output.

After many keynotes and convention I have been through, the old practices farmers today’s are seeking many alternatives in sustaining the yield performance, many have learned that continuing in sustaining the plantation filed are as important in which last, they do have much knowledge about and the availability of modern agriculture practices were not available. Now it is times.”

Thank you.

Professor Dato’ Dr. Mohd Fauzi bin Hj Ramlan
Chairman of LISA Practitioner

Our Objective

Main objectives of LISA are to create profitable and productive farming, protection of resources and environmental quality. Companion objectives include ensuring safe and nutritious food supplies and reducing health risks to farmworkers.

Low Input Sustainable Agriculture (LISA) concept is against the high agricultural input which only gives small benefits while contributing greatly to pollution and degrading soil quality. This concept focuses on improving the fertilization efficiency rather than excessively applying fertilizer towards the plant to get higher yield. This can help to make the agriculture industry more sustainable.