The Greenfeed Durian Program is a comprehensive approach to durian cultivation that combines Greenfeed fertilizers with personalized agronomy assistance. It enhances fruit quality, size, and nutrition while promoting sustainable practices. The program also includes training on durian planting and guidance on effective marketing strategies. It helps farmers achieve exceptional results in their durian farms.


  • Greenfeed contains balanced nutrients for durian trees.
  • The nutrients in Greenfeed are easily absorbed by durian trees.
  • Greenfeed’s nutrient-rich formula enhances the flavour of durian fruit.
  • Enhanced flavour makes durian fruit more enjoyable for consumers.


  • Nutrients in Greenfeed promote healthy growth and development of durian trees.
  • Healthy trees result in larger and visually appealing durian fruits.
  • Enhanced fruit quality can increase market value.
  • Consumers are likely to be more satisfied with the improved fruit quality.


  • Durian fruits treated with Greenfeed fertilization display more uniform size and shape.
  • Greenfeed’s consistent nutrient distribution supports balanced growth in the plants.
  • Balanced growth leads to fruits with similar sizes.
  • Uniformity in size and shape is desirable for marketability and consumer preference.


  • Greenfeed supplies essential nutrients that enhance the overall nutritional value of durian fruit.
  • Durian trees efficiently absorb the optimized nutrients from Greenfeed.
  • Improved nutrient uptake results in durian fruits with enhanced nutritional content.
  • The increased nutritional value of durian fruit provides health benefits to consumers.


  • Greenfeed, although not organic, can align with sustainable agricultural practices.
  • It reduces dependence on synthetic fertilizers, lowering their environmental impact.
  • Greenfeed promotes efficient nutrient utilization, minimizing nutrient runoff and pollution.


  • The guidelines provide best practices for fertilizing mature durian trees.
  • The Greenfeed Durian Program is integrated into the guidelines.
  • Following the guidelines and implementing the Greenfeed Durian Program ensures proper nutrient supply at the right growth stages.
  • The program promotes healthy root development, vigorous foliage, and optimal fruit production.
  • The guidelines cover recommended fertilizers, application timings, and soil analysis.
  • The Greenfeed Durian Program emphasizes sustainability and efficient nutrient utilization.
  • Implementation of the guidelines and the Greenfeed Durian Program enhances durian tree health and vitality.
  • Improved fruit quality, increased market value, and consumer satisfaction are among the benefits of the program.
  • The program offers a comprehensive approach to maximize the potential of durian cultivation.