Field Agronomic Services


Our R&D facility is the first non-government R&D facility, staffed by some of Malaysia’s leading Crop Science, Soils and Fertilizer researchers. Because of their expertise, these researchers have developed and patented new technologies & improved existing technologies to provide value to the Malaysia market, in terms of product design and mix at a low cost of production.

They are also responsible for successfully bringing Malaysia into the fertilizer production and distribution market, including obtaining licenses for the manufacturing of slow-release homogenous fertilizers.Greenfeed Group of Companies’ vision is to provide the agriculture industry with high efficiency and environmental friendly fertilizer products. With those principles in mind, we are incessantly researching and improving our existing product range and developing new ones. All agronomic research, development and laboratory tests are carried out in our own R&D center.

We provide our customers with various soil tests, foliar tests and physiological tests. The research team is lead by a panel of agronomists and scientists.The research team is equipped with – other than the laboratory – numerous field testing equipments. The investment of these equipments is to facilitate our technical advice of the precise application of fertilizer to our clients.Our Technical Research & Development Department is key to our efforts in ensuring the quality and the superiority of the company’s product. This is achieved through various activities such as:

    • Pre-sales consultation services:
      introduction and company sales support.
    • Post-sales consultation services:
      Continues support for customers through suitable agronomist services agronomist services.
    • Other consultancy services:
      Advice and suggestions on method of applications, appropriate manure program, development of new products, and other related matters frequently faced by customers.
  • Commercial trial and testing services:
    Customers’ recognitions of the company’s products and services.

Over the years, the credibility of Greenfeed® has been proven through the rigorous studies carried out by the company on numerous areas locally and internationally. This is a continuation effort in improving and enhancing the current practices for better efficacy and efficiency. Studies will continue to be carried out as a part of our services to our respective clients and also as a part of our effort towards sustainable practices.

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