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EasyCare Slow Release Fertilizer is another product introduced by Greenfeed that focuses on pots and fruits planting. With more convenient and easier practical routine along with advanced technology integration, EasyCare Slow Release Fertilizer offer better yielding potential through better efficient practice.

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EasyCare Slow Release Fertilizer consists of a complete set of essential nutrients as well as micronutrients required by the plant. The integration of Activated Zeolite within the fertilizer allow a wide adaptability and tolerance for different types of soil. EasyCare Slow Release Fertilizer is an excellent choice for planters as the nutrients are released consistently for up to 6 months.

EasyCare Slow Release Fertilizer only requires twice application per year and significantly lower the dosage requirements while accommodating different growth stage of the plants. Nutrients are released upon contact with water and are regulated by the presence of Zeolite through the ionic gradient within the soil. Planters can practice sustainable planting and experience distinct benefits in terms of plant productivity as well as soil fertility through EasyCare Slow Release Fertilizer.







EasyCare - Available Formula

Note: Presented specification are based on replicates of results attained from in-house laboratory



EasyCare Recommendation


  • Fertilizer application varies depending on type of plant, soil and climate condition
  • Please consult our technical advisor for further recommendation
  • Product effective time range is untill 90 days to 120 dyas after fertilizer application



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