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The Greenfeed Super-K Slow Release Fertilizer is a novel innovation within the fertilizer’s industry that will improve Potassium (K) nutrient efficacy for oil palms with integration of the established control mechanisms with altered active polymer coating and activated Zeolite. The nutrient element included inside will consist mainly of Potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg), and Boron (B); also with inclusion of trace elements such as Calcium (Ca), Copper (Cu), and Zinc (Zn). The nutrient deliverance is also assisted with the interplay of moisture level and soil microbial activity through synergistic approach. With the highest Potassium (K2O) of 54% from total dry content made available within the industry, this fertilizer is certain to enhance yield through a much more practical and sustainable practice. Furthermore, with comprehensive understanding on inter-element composition interaction within the fertilizer, such innovative Greenfeed® Super-K Slow Release Fertilizer is the solution for achieving higher yielding with lesser fertilizing frequency.

Super-K Slow release fertilizers is an excellent alternative to soluble fertilizers, because the nutrients are released at a slower rate after application. Plants will take up most of the nutrients with a minimum nutrient losses through leaching. Slow release fertilizer is more convenient and required less frequent application. Scorching will not occur with slow release fertilizers even at high rates application; however, it is still important to follow the application recommendations. Super-K slow release fertilizer is formulated for tree plants in various soil and weather conditions. Nutrients will be released when it is in contact with water as well as through microbial activities soil. The improved rate of released is efficiently controlled by the size and the pelletized form of the fertilizer. Zeolite integrated in each nugget helps to improve the soil condition as well as promoting the root development.


Normally, a type of slow release fertilizer consists of relatively insoluble nutrients in pelletized form. As the pellet size is increased, the time it takes for the fertilizer to breakdown by microbial action is also increased.An example of Super-K, a 0-0-54-2+TE fertilizer that can be stored in a warehouse lasting up to 1 ½ year and a medium grade lasting for a year. Super-K is used to fulfill the plant’s Potassium (K) requirement aprt from boosting yield performance for each individual palm. Water-soluble fertilizers may be coated or encapsulated in membranes to slowly release the nutrients. For example, Super-K is composed of a semi permeable active polymer coating surrounding the nugget

 Water passes through the membrane, eventually causing enough internal pressure to disrupt the membrane, releasing the enclosed nutrients. Because the thickness of the coating varies from one pellet, or prill, to another, nutrients are released at different times from separate prills. Release rate of these fertilizers is dependent on temperature, moisture, and thickness of the coating.

Zeolite is a group of naturally occurring minerals having a honeycomb-like layered crystal structure. Its network of interconnected tunnels and cages can be loaded with Potassium.

 The Zeolite acts as a reservoir for the nutrients which are slowly released “on demand”. Indeed, the plant itself does the regulating of the nutrients as it needs them. With only the addition of water, plants will grow in the zeoponic medium for multiple growth cycles. Greenfeed Agro introduces Super-K slow release fertilizers that come with Zeolite element in the beginning of the 21st century to local rubber and oil palm plantation. We discovered that it provided a lasting reservoir of nutrients allowing the user to reduce added fertilization while achieving better plant and vegetation performance. Unlike commonly used fertilizers, the plant-growth material dramatically reduces loss of nutrients to groundwater and the ecological system.