Understanding Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer


GREENFEED® is designed in a special form of highly pressed nugget (16.5g) respectively, coated by water-soluble Nitrogen and ‘Zeolite’. The water -soluble Nitrogen helps the plant to develop stronger rooting mass for better nutrient intake. it also contains ‘Zeolite’ which reduce leaching of soluble nutrients in the soil. This process take place when nugget come into contact with water, the latter will evaporate the external layer and essential nutrient will be unleashed into soil. This breakthrough fertilizer is specially formulated to achieve synergetic result by allowing each chemical and component to act together for essential nutrients (NPK & MgO) to be absorbed by the plant within a duration of 6-9 months per application.This is essential to the commercial crops whereby the labour cost, growth rate and yield play a very important roles. More importantly, it is specially designed and engineered for the commercial crops in tropical climate.


Slow release fertilizers is an excellent alternative to soluble fertilizers, because the nutrients are released at a slower rate after application. Plants will take up most of the nutrients with a minimum nutrient losses through leaching. Slow release fertilizer is more convenient and require less frequent application. Scorching will not occur with slow release fertilizers even at high rates application; however, it is still important to follow the application recommendations. Greenfeed® slow release fertilizer is formulated for tree plants in various soil and weather conditions.

Every nugget of Greenfeed® slow release fertilizer is pressed into a uniform pellet shape weighs ±16.5g each; contains all necessary nutrients and trace elements coated with water-soluble Nitrogen and Zeolite. Nutrients will be released when it is in contact with water as well as through microbial activities soil. The improved rate of released is efficiently controlled by the size and the pelletized form of the fertilizer. Zeolite integrated in each nugget helps to improve the soil condition as well as promoting the root development.


Normally, a type of slow release fertilizer consists of relatively insoluble nutrients in pelletized form. As the pellet size is increased, the time it takes for the fertilizer to breakdown by action is also increased. An example of this type is Greenfeed®, a 12-16-4-2-TE fertilizer that is available in a palm oil plantation lasting a 1 ½ year and a medium grade lasting for a year. Greenfeed® is used commercially for forestry, nursery, landscaping, container plants, tree seedlings, ornamentals, and flower borders


Water-soluble fertilizers may be coated or encapsulated in membranes to slowly release the nutrients. For example, Greenfeed® fertilizer is composed of a semi permeable membrane surrounding water-soluble Nitrogen and other nutrients. Water passes through the membrane, eventually causing enough internal pressure to disrupt the membrane, releasing the enclosed nutrients. Because the thickness of the coating varies from one pellet, or prill, to another, nutrients are released at different times from separate prills. Release rate of these fertilizers is dependent on temperature, moisture, and thickness of the coating. Greenfeed® is recommended for palm oil plantation, floriculture, nursery stock, and high-value row crops.


Zeolite are a group of naturally occurring minerals having a honeycomb-like layered crystal structure. Its network of interconnected tunnels and cages that can be loaded with Nitrogen and Potassium, combined with other slowly dissolving ingredients containing phosphorus, Calcium, and a complete suite of minor as well as trace nutrients. The Zeolite acts as a reservoir for the nutrients which are slowly released “on demand”. Indeed, the plant itself does the regulating of the nutrients as it needs them. With only the addition of water, plants will grow in the zeoponic medium for multiple growth cycles. Greenfeed Agro introduces Greenfeed® slow release fertilizers that come with Zeolite element in the beginning of 21st century to local rubber and oil palm plantation, we discover that it provides a lasting reservoir of nutrients allowing the user to reduce added fertilization while achieving better plant and vegetation performance. Unlike commonly used fertilizers, the plant-growth material dramatically reduces loss of nutrients to groundwater and the ecological system.

  • With this Zeolite integration into our slow release fertilizer it provides further benefits like:
  • a combination of a superior growth medium and soil conditioner, as well as a fertilizer delivery system;
  • an all-in-one balance of major, minor and trace nutrients;
  • high-efficiency delivery of nutrients to the plants;
  • lower losses of applied nutrients to the environment; and
  • exceptional root development as well as improved plant performance.





Traditional fertilizers do not have the ability to control its nutrient release to soil; normally the release of nutrient is immediate and continuous (after the application) therefore, we can foresee dumping of nutrient adverse effect and leaching problem. Since Greenfeed® releases its nutrients slowly, the problem of leaching and dumping of nutrients will be minimized.  As a matter of fact, the use of Greenfeed® provides added benefits. Most nutrient released from the nuggets will be absorbed by the plant as an element required by plant growth.



The usage of these new age fertilizer will not only reduce the cost of plantation, but will assist us in achieving precision farming status, whereby lower cost and zero-none wastage commensurate higher output. Due to R&D, we have been able to achieve significant technological breakthrough gated with the development of Greenfeed® palletized or nugget form fertilizer. The benefits are numerous, as mentioned. Our product is not only advanced but comes in any formulation, as required by the crops, and at any growth stages including those crops that are both immature, mature and are fruiting.


Pic-3With the characteristic of being a slow release fertilizer, each essential nutrient from each nugget will not adversely affect dumping of nutrients by high temperatures and extreme high moisture condition. Nutrients from the nugget will be released once the imbedding of nitrogen into the coating took place (here H2O vaporized the external layer of the nugget and unleashes nutrients into the soil). The process of the unleashing of nutrients will still take place even if the nugget is broken. Compared to others, results of dumping of nutrients normally happen once the coating is damaged.



Greenfeed® has the technology and capacity to manufacture Slow Release Fertilizer according to the client’s requirement. It is so much related to understanding the basic principles of chemical interaction integrated within the composition of the fertilizer. The objective is to be able to provide site-specific product and at the same time be able to improve as well as maintaining the synergistic interaction between the element inside the each of Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer’s nugget.



Greenfeed® helps planters to reduce overall manuring cost on per tree basis through lower fertilizer cost and also lesser fertilizer applications each year, planters may save costs on labor, storage, transportation, machinery and other relevant overheads. Besides, the usage of these high technology fertilizer will not only reduce the cost of plantation, in fact this fertilizer will assist the plantation to achieve precision farming status, whereby higher output can be obtained with lower costing and zero-wastage



 A mobile technical services vehicle is in operation to provide professional services to the plantation owner all over the country. Our dedicated and professional technical division is hands-on and advises on the best methods of improving the quality of soil by using slow release fertilizer. Countless of talk, seminars and road-show been organized by us since 2005 in order to make know to all about the significant of these slow release product.



With the incorporation of Strontium (Sr) into Greenfeed® itrace, the luminous properties will primarily act as indicator, revealing the nutrient status that is still available within the fertilizer. Functioning as reference for much more accurate reference to the next cycle of fertilizing. Having the decaying lifespan similar to Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer, the intensity of the luminous properties observed will provide an indication to the remaining nutrient level within the fertilizer.


Pic-8 The GA1-45 is the new lightweight mechanical tool that was designed to specifically to assist with the fertilizing procedure in the plantation. The GA1-45 is highly mobile, easy to handle, highly durable with intense stainless steel drill, and required low fuel input to complete a distinct planting area. This mechanical tool is the answer to easy and efficient fertilizing as well as the beginning towards sustainable agricultural practices.



 The Greenfeed Apps was designed with a vision to incorporate the agriculture sector with the technological advancements, which is seen to be beneficial prospect in the future. The introduction of the apps opens up another platform for this highly potential agricultural industry especially such as oil palm to grow. Innovative tools with incorporative features that simplify not only your agronomy undertakings but also revolutionize your information sharing.


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