Our Services

Field Agro Serv

Our R&D facility is the first non-government R&D facility, staffed by some of Malaysia’s leading Crop Science, Soils and Fertilizer researchers. Because of their expertise, these researchers have developed and patented new technologies & improved existing technologies to provide value to the Malaysia market, in terms of product design and mix at a low cost of production.
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Laboratory Services


Greenfeed Lab offers an entire suite of analytical testing. We are dedicated to toward providing accurate, unbiased analysis of current products. The Lab provides easy-to-understand reports for concerning irrigation water, leaves, soil, and plant tissue. 

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Conference Services


As time progresses, the innovations and advancements achieved within this industry are also improving. As every basic principle is redefined, every knowledge is restructured and every practice is reorganized; here in Greenfeed Groups we believed that one must play its role as a part of the industry in sharing these developments to the mass.
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