New Technology


Greenfeed® Slow Release is designed in a special form of highly pressed nugget (8.0g~16.5g) respectively, coated by water-soluble Nitrogen and ‘Zeolite’. The water-soluble Nitrogen helps the plant to develop stronger rooting mass for better nutrient intake. It also contains ‘Zeolite’ which reduces leaching of soluble nutrients in the soil. The process takes place when nuggets come into contact with water, the latter will evaporate the external layer and essential nutrients will be unleashed into soil.
This breakthrough fertilizer is specially formulated to achieve synergetic result by allowing each chemical and component to act together for essential nutrients (NPK & MgO, B & TE) to be absorbed by the plants within duration of 6 – 9 months per application. This is essential to the commercial crops whereby the labor cost, growth rate and yield play very important roles. More importantly, it is specially designed and engineered for the commercial crops in tropical climate.

Slow release fertilizers are excellent alternative to soluble fertilizers, because the nutrients are released at a slower rate after application. Plants will take up most of the nutrients with a minimum nutrient loss through leaching. Slow release fertilizer is more convenient and requires less frequent application. Scorching will not occur with slow release fertilizers even at high rates application; however, it is still important to follow the application recommendations. Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer is formulated for tree plants in various soil and weather conditions. Every nugget of Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer is pressed into a uniform pellet shape weighs ±16.5g each; contains all necessary nutrients and trace elements coated with water-soluble Nitrogen and Zeolite. Nutrients will be released when it is in contact with water as well as through microbial activities soil.


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