Greenfeed® Rubber

 GREENFEED®  RUBBER (12 – 16 – 4 + 2 MgO + 0.54 B)


SRF Rubber“Like any other plants, the fertilizing system for Rubber cultivation must be carried out at a fixed time schedule. In recent times, fertilizing of Rubber cultivation according to fixed time schedule has become more difficult due to scarcity of labor, unpredictable weather, which hampers of delays the fertilizing schedule; and difficult terrain on which Rubber is often planted. Such factors will affect the wellbeing and the growth of the Rubber plant tree. This will on the other hand affect the proceeding’s activities carried out within a commercial Rubber Cultivation such as weeding and so forth. Greenfeed® Rubber has be tested on commercial grounds for over 7 years and has been proven effective for rubber commercial planting. Amendments and innovations integrated into Greenfeed® Rubber specifically for practical Rubber cultivation allows only 1 (one) fertilizer application per year. This significantly improves the management efficacy in maintaining the overall plantation with improved cost savings and also a much more environmental friendly agricultural practice.

The formulation and improvements included inside Greenfeed® Rubber is specifically to cater to the requirements and provisions for Rubber trees. The novel characteristics of Greenfeed® Rubber are retained and tailored in order to achieve a synergistic approach that is appropriate for Rubber cultivation promoting sustainable planting. With vast experiences and history in Rubber cultivation, Greenfeed® Rubber has been applied for Rubber commercial cultivation locally and globally; also has been proven toimprove the plant’s performance as well as the management’s efficiency.”


Total Nitrogen (N) 12 %
Total Phosphorus (P2O5) 16 %
Potassium (K2O) 4 %
Magnesium (MgO) 2 %
Boron 0.54 %
Calcium 0.10 %
Sulphur 2.30 %
Copper 0.46 %
Zinc 0.64 %
Zeolite Available

Application rate for Greenfeed® Rubber

Tree planting age Total nuggets requirement
per application
Nugget per hole Application round per year Amount requirement per tree per year (Gram)
2 – 3 x (±16.5g / nugget) per nursery bag
12 – 21 x (±16.5g / nugget) per tree
5 – 7
3 Month
33g – 50g
248g – 347g