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Greenfeed® Bamboo Plus Slow Release Fertilizer offers better agricultural practicality through noteworthy characteristics. Such technology is achieved through constructive integration of established control mechanism with altered active polymer coating coupled with activated Zeolite technology. Greenfeed® Bamboo Plus Slow Release Fertilizer supply a complete set of defined nutrient elements including Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg), Boron (B), Calcium (Ca), and several others trace elements that are required by plants for growth. Nutrient deliverance is assisted through interplay of moisture content as well as soil microbial activity resulting in overall synergistic approach. With comprehensive understanding on inter-element composition interaction within fertilizer, reliable products such as Greenfeed® Bamboo Plus Slow Release Fertilizer are the panacea for improved agronomy practice through a much more practical approach.

Nutrient content included within the formulation are release at much slower and consistent rate when applied. Hence, resulting in higher efficiency of plant-nutrient interaction – lesser nutrient loss and wastage. Greenfeed® Bamboo Plus Slow Release Fertilizer is tailored for plants with diversified weather and soil conditions – even suitable for unfavorable environment. Furthermore, every product has amending properties, which improves and nurtures the soil condition promoting sustainable agricultural practice quashing any negative effects inhibiting the plant’s wellbeing. Consequently Greenfeed® Bamboo Plus Slow Release Fertilizer does not only safeguard your plants but also all other elements that play a resounding factor in your overall agricultural practice.

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Major Nutrient Release Rate for Greenfeed  BAMBOO  Plus  Slow Release Fertilizer Over 26 weeks

Through the patented Activated ZeoliteTM technology incorporated within each formulation, the nutrient release rate were retained within optimum range. The overall nutrient release rate are uniformly segregated over the span of 26 weeks resulting in higher nutrient efficacy for plant’s uptake. The presented data indicates the attained synergisms within the mentioned period for the included nutrient content, which were Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). Each representative element behavioural limitations were minised resulting the uniform nutrient release rate.

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Practical Planting Method

Basic fertilising requirements from Immature planting stage are 3 nuggets to 6 nuggets per stand per application consistently upon entering 2 Years After Planting.  For planting age less than 2 Years After Planting, the area for fertiliser application is approximately 100 mm from the tree stand and up to 200 mm for the subsequent planting age; depending on the spacing system selected.

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