Laboratory Services


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Greenfeed Lab offers an entire suite of analytical testing. We are dedicated to toward providing accurate, unbiased analysis of current products. The Lab provides easy-to-understand reports for concerning irrigation water, leaves, soil, and plant tissue. Greenfeed Professional Lab is staffed by expert technical advisors and talented in-house personnel to

make up the manpower component of the company known to be the industry’s most successful slow release fertilizers company. These individuals represent a wide array of scientific disciplines, including Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Agronomy, Plant Pathology, Microbiology, and Mechanical engineering.

We also work in collaboration with University Putra Malaysia, UPM and researchers worldwide so that we can be updated of new technologies and possibly utilize them, as well as to obtain independent assessment of our products.Greenfeed products are made based on exacting scientific research. Many of the products we have produced until today were the result of continuous research and innovation. Millions of dollars have been invested annually to extensively research product technologies and raw materials before introducing them into our market.We utilize various techniques to best define product performance. For example, our product development undergoes a series of actual evaluations over many years. To date nearly 200 or more of our research findings have been documented in order for us to define product performance under real world conditions. These ongoing, worldwide testing of our products, in the lab and under a variety of field conditions, allow us to benchmark our products against other products and help us to improve upon existing products as well as capitalize on existing innovations necessary to give us the technical edge over others to prosper in the competitive business environment.

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Laboratory services

  1. Quality Control Services: Consistent testing and monitoring the product quality of each batch of production
  2. Post-sales consultation services: Continue support the customers with sustainable agronomist services
  3. Data analysis and Data gathering:-


  • Nitrogen in fertilizers
  • Phosphorus in fertilizer
  • Potassium in Fertilizer
  • Magnesium in Fertilizer
  • Boron in Fertilizers


  • Nitrogen in Foliar
  • Potassium in Foliar
  • Magnesium in Foliar


  • Nitrogen in Soil
  • Potassium in Soil
  • Phosphorus in Soil

Moisture level

pH level