Conference and Seminar

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As time progresses, the innovations and advancements achieved within this industry are also improving. As every basic principle is redefined, every knowledge is restructured and every practice is reorganized; here in Greenfeed Groups we believed that one must play its role as a part of the industry in sharing these developments to the mass.

We achieve new paradigms over times as we retain one of the latest technology advancement within the industry. Thus, aligned with our responsibility in sharing these advancements, we cater to it by having seminars, talks, conferences, clinics, and trainings to our respective clients. We endure the wisdom to achieve new tiers and also fulfill our responsibility to share and educate the mass.

This is the objective lie behind every effort carried out by Greenfeed Groups that is to assist, to educate, and to advice on matters related to Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer as well on agronomic practices. As we believe, with every milestones,  we can bring this agricultural sector to a new level where sustainability is the key criteria.