About Us

Greenfeed Group of Companies was incorporated in Malaysia in 1975. The Company started out as a small trading agricultural raw-materials company. Over time, the Company ventured into agricultural sectors, sourcing and supplying agricultural goods and commodities to local plantation and estates. With the vision to expand in the 80’s, Greenfeed diversified into fertilizer research and development thus “Palletized Slow Release Fertilizer” was introduced.

Greenfeed promotes Palletized Slow Release Fertilizer product based on its significant cost saving technological advantages and eco-friendliness, where less concentration of frequency on fertilizer manuring and vast and intensive labor requirement could be resolved in ever hiking plantation overhead.

To cope with clients’ ever changing need, Greenfeed is constantly keeping itself updated with new technology; undertaking its own research and development; searching for improvement in the formulations, applications and re-mastering its raw materials usage. Today, in line with its vision for the future, Greenfeed shall continue its quest for local and global recognition on its product quality and services through extensive technology enhancement and research & development.

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Our vision is to provide any farmer with high efficient and environment friendly fertilizer products to increase crop yields while maintaining the ecology balance.

Our mission is being the leading Manufacturer of slow-release fertilizers (SRF) and Services Provider for the agricultural industry in South East Asia (S.E.A) region.

  • Our company’s innovative team has been researching and developing products that:
  • Reduce on farm costs.
  • Provide alternative forms of fertilizer.
  • Provide cost effective maintenance fertilizers.
  • Produce environmentally friendly and organic products. Maintain the natural balance back into the soil.
  • Enable the sustainability of agriculture.

We success through due and straight forward business practice by cutting the cost of raw materials and provide our clients with direct shipping services and reduce handling as well as freight costs.


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